Integrated solutions
for industrial

MicroSwitches is a distributor of specialist components for industrial electric automation. Thanks to its long-standing experience and its partnership with the main brands in the market, MicroSwitches is able to offer a fast and qualified service and good trading conditions.

MicroSwitches guarantees answers to new and growing requests thanks to its corporate development programmes, ongoing training for human resources and the expansion of its organisational structure.


A constant and systematic commitment to development and the improvement of all of the company’s internal processes guarantee continuous attention focused on its client’s needs and satisfaction.

Founded in 1967, MICROSWITCHES has always operated in the specialist field of the distribution of industrial automation components.

Distributed brands

To ensure a complete and always up to date service, MicroSwitches will make a free App available to its clients which will allow the search and consultation of all the brands in our catalogue in a practical and immediate way.

Coming soon...

It is also possible to consult the list by clicking on the following link:



500 brands

and more than

70.000 products


Micro Switches Warehouse:

Integrated solutions

Built-to-measure packets aimed at supporting and managing safety and quality at all stages of the project life cycle.

Customer service

Technical support aimed to guarantee a constant attention focused on the client’s needs and satisfaction.


Fast supplies and a qualified service combined with good trading conditions.

Business structure

The new business structure combines the strength of tradition with the enthusiasm and capacity of new operators and the new logistic framework ensures a constant presence with the client to analyse every issue in person and a service level such as to satisfy every delivery need.

  • Efficiency
  • Competence
  • Reliability